Elevate Your Space

Feeling overwhelmed by the design process?

I get it. Designing a space can be both exciting and intimidating. That’s why Elevate Your Space offers a personalised 90-minute in-home consultation to help you navigate your design challenges.

I bring knowledge, a fresh pair of eyes, and creative flair right to your doorstep. Whether you’re puzzled by furniture placement, struggling to pick a colour scheme, or simply lost at where to begin – I am here to guide you.

Elevate Your Space is completely tailored to your needs.

The 90 minutes are yours to use as you see fit:

  • Deep dive into a single room
  • Get an overview of multiple rooms
  • Discuss a whole-house renovation

How it works?

  • Complete a short questionnaire – to provide any information about the project and for you to get the best out of the session

  • 90-Minute In Person Session – With my expertise, colour swatches, fabric samples and trusty pen & paper, we can work through your design dilemma – whether its add a breath of fresh air into a space, or putting an action plan together for embarking on a large renovation or extension.
  • Follow Up Report – Following the session you will receive a full report clarifying what was discussed, and the next steps for you to take for your design journey.

Current Offer is Just £129, Book Now.

Investing In Your Home Never Goes Out Of Style. Let’s Make Your Home Vision A Reality.

I’m here to talk through your project with you and to provide details on how my services can be of help. Book your free, no obligation call now.